Say goodbye to face wipes forever.

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If you wear makeup you’ll know what a pain it is to have to take it off every night. Maybe, like me, this means you occasionally (read: frequently) don’t bother to remove it, or do a half-hearted job which results in you terrifying your lodger when you emerge from your bedroom the next morning looking like an extra from The Walking Dead.

Let’s face it – anything that makes the process of removing makeup that much quicker and easier is a good thing, right? That’s why so many of us resort to disposable wipes to slick that foundation away. Simple!

But there’s a lot the companies selling these products don’t tell us: Continue reading


An Open Letter To Brides (or, Things That Went Wrong At My Wedding)


Dear Brides-to-be,

If you are reading this I assume (or hope) that you have found the man of your dreams and that you have made the amazing decision to commit yourself to him for the rest of your life. Congratulations! I admire you – both for finding him in the first place and for having the courage and heart to still believe in the breathtaking beauty of marriage.

Maybe you’ve recently got engaged and you’re in your first flurry of wedding magazines (huge waste of money, but every bride deserves to buy a couple), or maybe you’ve been planning for a while. Whichever the case, I hope that you’ve managed to find a happy medium between over-relaxed and bridezilla. But just in case you haven’t, this letter is for you. 

It’s time for me to make a confession. Continue reading

Five productive ways to spend 10 minutes

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I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the list I am sharing with you today has changed my life! My home is cleaner, tidier and more organised than it has ever been, my relationships with friends and family are stronger and I feel healthier, calmer and more successful as a person. And all of this has happened through the power of…10 short minutes!

Yes, I am serious.   Continue reading

How I fell in love with running (and you can too).


I’ve always liked the idea of running. It always seemed so much cooler than some of the other Olympic sports (sorry, shot put and discus). And I gave it a fair go as a kid, spending Monday nights at the local athletics track fighting a stitch and looping the track as fast as I could, a champion in my head but in reality being outrun by just about all the kids around me. As a teenager I’d wish my parents farewell, promise not to talk to strangers and sprint off down the road, only to return after about 10 minutes because my lungs felt like they were bursting and I was sure I could taste blood.

Like I said, I liked the idea of it. But I never really ‘got’ running, and for years I just assumed that it wasn’t for me and that I was never going to be any good at it. I decided that my physiology (short and stumpy legs, flat feet, bunions, weak tendons…) had been trying to convince me of this and that it was time to finally take the hint. So I stopped running. 

Until 4 years ago, when suddenly everything changed. Continue reading

My Minimalist Challenge: 7 Days, 50 Items


Minimalist Challenge

How much stuff do you have?

Too much, not enough or just the right amount?

How much is too much anyway?

These are questions that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. I have always hated clutter, which sometimes makes things interesting as my husband can be a bit of a hoarder (apart from this he is amazing!). Every couple of months I go on a decluttering spree in the house and get rid of boxes of things we never use and don’t need. Most of the time this isn’t a problem for him provided I steer clear of the two sacred places in the house – his pile of t-shirts and his DVD collection. Sometimes I’ll try to enlist his help as I periodically wage war on all the stuff building up in our home but more often than not I end up battling it out on my own simply because, whilst I may find it therapeutic, he would much rather watch one of his new DVDs (probably whilst wearing his newest t-shirt)! And that’s fair enough.

Given the fact that a lot of my friends and family seem to hold on to things longer than I would (I have a reputation for getting bored of my wardrobe, giving away my clothes and then moaning that I have nothing to wear!), I’ve always considered myself pretty good at keeping the things I own to a minimum. If you’d asked me six months ago if I thought I had too much stuff, I would have unequivocally said no.

But then I did some research. Continue reading

Why I’ll never buy face cream again.


Years ago, a guy that I really liked asked me out on a date. Of course I said yes. Unfortunately I let my imagination run away from me and by the time the day arrived I had already pretty much planned our wedding (embarrassing, I know). I was nervous but ready. What I didn’t know was that within hours my skin would ruin the whole thing.  Continue reading

Why Paris matters, and our opinions don’t.


Last Friday morning in Paris, 129 people woke up to a new day for the last time. 129 people spoke to friends and family who would never hear their voices again. 132 men and women got dressed, ate breakfast and set off for work not knowing that before the day was up their lives would be brutally cut short by a devastatingly cruel and senseless act of terrorism. As the first news reports began to come through people all over the world sat glued to TV screens and mobile phones, unable to tear their eyes away from the horrific events unfolding before them. For a few hours, perhaps, we looked on in stunned silence as yet another act of hatred stole innocent lives from us. And then, in the aftermath, as though the world bravely took a collective breath, people began to act. And hope. Continue reading